Fruit Season

Fruit Season

Mango: Peruvian mango producers fear El Nino!


Chato de Ica, Criollo, Kent and other Peruvian mango products will enter into a uncertain period. The current El Nino phenomenon in the area creates the risk on early rains, starting December already, which could affect the crop significantly. Early rains cause severe quality problem, specially formation of mould.


Passion fruit: Vietnam - Brazil - Ecuador/Peru

Disease in Vietnamese passion fruits!

The passion fruit seedlings imported from Taiwan contained a virus which is affecting the trees and leaves. Most trees will not be able to live the cycle of 36 months, perhaps only 12 or 18 months. Most plants died earlier.

On top, Vietnam experiences hot weather like they normally have during July. Colder temperatures and rains are normal during this time of the year, but this year it seems complete the opposite of what is normal. This current weather pattern is unfavorable for the passion fruits, therefore fruit supply to industries is close to zero for the moment.

Brazil lack of rain!


Hot temperatures and lack of rains in the Northern part of Brazil during last months were preventing the passion fruits to grow. The small fruits are not ready yet to go to industries for processing. Rains are still behind normal, which is delaying the crop.

Ecuador and Peru being out of the 'peak' season ....


Being out of the ‘peak’ seasons, both countries recognize production this year was well below normal. Strong fresh fruit sales in especially Peru lead to high fruit prices and less volume going to the industries.



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