Data Protection Terms

Data Protection Terms

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

We kindly ask you to confirm that you would like to continue receiving business relevant commercial information from us.You do not have to do anything if you wish to maintain receiving business-related messages in the future. However if you do not wish to receive business-related messages from us in the future then click on the link below: No more business related information VJT.

The security of your data has always been at the forefront for Verbruggen Juice Trading B.V. With this in mind, we are updating our processes, policies, and systems to make sure we fully comply to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which supplies standards for transparency for companies working with personal data. Verbruggen Juice Trading B.V. stands fully behind this initiative. To further safeguard your privacy, we want to ensure that your contact details are properly documented in our systems and that you continue receiving business-related messages from Verbruggen Juice Trading B.V. in the future.To improve your experience, and to ensure that you receive only the information that you want, you will be in a position for now and later on to unsubscribe, if you no longer wish to receive information.

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