Logistics & Customs

Logistics & Customs

Juice logistics: effective logistics

At Verbruggen Juice Trading you can count on a perfect logistical operation. We take care of the embarkation in the country of origin, the transportation under the required conditions, the disembarkation, the E.U. customs formalities and port formalities, the financial matters as well as the storage.

We provide transportation of fruit juices, concentrates and -purees, NFC's, flavours and multi blends. We work efficiently, so your organization does not pay anything additional than when performing this itself. At the same time you enjoy our full service, reliability and expertise.

Customs and Documentation

We are happy to provide you with the E.U. customs formalities and procedures related to this. Our team takes care of all types of E.U. custom documentation and (limited) fiscal representation.

Your agreement, our word

Thanks to our many years of international experience we know precisely which logistical partners we can rely on and you will certainly notice that. We and our partners take pride in ensuring to meet the agreements we make!

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