Banana: (Musa paradiscia)

Concentrates, Purees & NFC's

The banana is growing in a curvature. The color of the skin of the fruit is deep green to yellow. The length of the fruit can vary from 5 cm to 30 cm long. The flesh of the banana is ivory-white and colors further during ripening to yellow. The pulp can be described as firm and tacky at somewhat immature fruit and soft to floury at an advanced aging process. The fruit is very starchy when ripe. The taste of ripe fruit is mild and sweet.

  • Quality: Made with naturally ripened fruits in order to obtain the highest quality.
  • Packing: In buckets, drums, bins and on request tankers.
  • Logistics: Various modes of transportation, ask us for the possibilities of logistics and customs.
  • Documents: For example traceability reports and certification documents.
Banana Concentrates, Purees & NFC's

Harvest / Processing period

Ecu, Br, Ind, Hon, CR

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