Lime: (Citrus aurantifolia)

Concentrates, Purees & NFC's

The lime is a citrus fruit, which is round in shape. The lime has a green color and is approximately 3-6 centimeters in diameter. Lime tastes sour and is an excellent source of vitamin C. The fruit is often used to enhance the flavor of foods and beverages. They are grown throughout the year in tropical climates and are usually smaller and less acidic than lemons, although the various races may differ in sugar and acid content.

  • Quality: Made with naturally ripened fruits in order to obtain the highest quality.
  • Packing: In buckets, drums, bins and on request tankers.
  • Logistics: Various modes of transportation, ask us for the possibilities of logistics and customs.
  • Documents: For example traceability reports and certification documents.
Lime Concentrates, Purees & NFC's

Harvest / Processing period


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