Mandarin / Tangerine: (Citrus reticulata)

Concentrates, Purees & NFC's

Tangerine is a round fruit with an orange colour. A good quality tangerine will have a firm to slightly soft and smooth skin without deep grooves. The coloring will be deep orange to almost red. The fruit is segmented and tastes fresh sweet / sour. The fruit contains seeds, also called pips.

  • Quality: Made with naturally ripened fruits in order to obtain the highest quality.
  • Packing: In buckets, barrels, bins and on request tankers.
  • Logistics: Various modes of transportation, ask us for the possibilities of logistics and customs.
  • Documents: For example traceability reports and certification documents.
Mandarin Concentrates, Purees & NFC's

Harvest / Processing period

Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil


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